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Orobets off the Kyiv mayoral elections
14.05.14 01:33
Lesya Orobets, a candidate for the mayoral office in Kyiv City informed via her Facebook page her candidacy was removed from the elections.

"A few minutes ago the Territorial Elections Commission decided to cancel my registration both as a candidate for the mayoral elections and the leader of "New life" party list. The TEC members, representatives of UDAR party, Batkivshchyna and communists showed their unity. I never thought I would say such a phrase, but: "What do we stand at Maindan for?" Do we stand for former teammates to use similar methods Yanukovych used three months ago?", Orobets wrote on Facebook.

According to her, "the participants of oligarchy cahoot haven't understood what has happened in Ukraine in last six months".

They say about "new style of living" on TV, but act quite opposite, politician wrote.

According to Orobets, the formal reason for TEC to cancel her registration as a candidate for Kyiv mayor office is the fact she filed the documents as a self-nominated candidate for the mayor post, and heads a party list for the Kyiv City council elections.

The registration was cancelled in the last possible day. It is an old trick, used by Leonid Kuchma in late 90s. Same thing happened to Ivan Saliy. Commission didn't manage to "find" a mistake and registered me on April 29, but now they got an order and cancelled my registration, Orobets claims.

"We will lodge an appeal tomorrow. The campaign goes on", she stated.

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